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January 2014       Uplifting My Sisters


Celebrate the Extraordinary Contributions of Leading Ladies

From Actual Press Release

Uplifting My Sisters will host its Leading Ladies Luncheon that features remarkable women in leadership from across the state who are the catalyst of change in our communities. These Leading Ladies are paving the way for gender and minority equality across the nation while encouraging women of all ages to take more leadership opportunities. Parents are encouraged to bring their daughters in middle and high school. 


Uplifting My Sisters founder, Vonnie Judge says, “ As the nation celebrates the birthday of the late great leader, Martin Luther King, Jr., many will remember his dream for equality that leads others to greater possibilities. Uplifting My Sisters desires to celebrate him by recognizing the significant contributions of women leaders who continue to keep his dream alive today.” 

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Photos: William Hamilton

 Charleston Magazine

Leading Ladies Luncheon



Hosted by Uplifting My Sisters, this event celebrates the ”Leading Ladies” who have greatly influenced and contributed to the Lowcountry. The organization seeks to enrich the lives of women by strengthening community relationships and supporting women’s business ownership.


Some of the most influential leaders from across the state will gather in North Charleston to help empower women personally and professionally. All proceeds from the luncheon go toward youth scholarships and business grants to female entrepreneurs.

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